Family Entertaining Room with Secret Recording Studio

Dog Grooming Salon

Garden Art Studio and Living Space

Poolside Bar and Kitchen

Relaxing Office and Chillout Room

Software Development Garden Office with Exercise Area

Garden Relax and Bike Storage

Oak Clad ‘Inset’ Garden Office and Storage

Gym and Garden Storage

Garden Office – The CEO

Garden Art Studio

Office/Living space/Gym

Garden Relax and Chillout Room

Bar, Games and Dining Room

Cedar Clad Garden Office

Corner Bifold Gym and Utility

Gym, Office and Utility

‘Inset’ Designed Garden Gym

Garden Office ‘ignite’

Garden Cinema

Large Office, Bathroom, Storage & Decking

Large Garden Gym

Cedar Clad Office and Storage

Games, Cinema and Bar Room

Large Office, Bathroom and Storage Page Title

Large Office, Bathroom and Storage (30m2)

Open Air Bar & Dining Area

Soundproof Drum Room

Garden Office

Garden Office

Roofed Pergola and Porcelain Paving

Garden Gym

Annex – Self-contained Living Space

Garden Bar/Entertaining Cabin

Garden Room with Extra Large Storage

Charity Office/Therapeutic Room

Compact Garden Office and Integrated Storage

Open Air Entertaining Area

Traditional Garden Room

Gym/Yoga Studio

Gym and Storage Room

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