Yes, all of our garden rooms are guaranteed for 10 years on all structural aspects of the building, if taken care of they will last a lot longer than that, all doors, windows and lighting etc come with their own manufacturer’s guarantee. Our guarantee excludes accidental damage and acts of God (e.g. falling branches, storm damage, flooding etc).

This is a difficult question and depends on the amount of ground work, the size of the building, if any landscaping is required etc, although an average project would take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.

Generally no, although it depends on the council we are working under (e.g. Bromley, Sevenoaks etc), most garden building projects we undertake to not require planning but there are limitations on size (30 square metres in Bromley), proximity to garden border and height of structure. Contact us to discuss planning permissions of the council you live in.

No, all of our quotes and estimates and consultation meetings are completely free of charge and non-contractual. Submitted quotes are valid for 30 days.

Yes, often our customers will change their mind on finishes and interior design etc, as long as this is agreed by both sides before any changes are carried out with any price changes.

Yes, our build team work in all weather conditions excluding any concreting which can only be done when the temperature is above 2 degrees celsius. Our team will take time off from the project in severe weather conditions e.g. snow, torrential rain, extreme wind conditions etc.

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