Garden Art Studio

This project really shows what we’re capable of, set high up on a sheer slope, no other garden room company that was brought in were prepared to quote for it, we lovingly named it ‘The Mountain Room’ due to it’s difficult terrain and high altitude overlooking trees and rooftops. This garden room was a no expenses spared project with all the bells and whistles, RGB pelmet lighting, 2 premium skylights with RGB lighting, ‘V’ shaped front design, bifold door with matching triple fixed frame window unit, 1x2m window panel, and tilt and turn window. This space has already provided inspiration for the owning artist and the awe inspiring view tops the project off perfectly.

Let us build your dream garden room!

Are you interested in having a bespoke garden room added to your home? Whether you’re looking for a garden office, gym, yoga studio or living space, we can turn your dream into reality.